what our clients are saying

Customer satisfaction and success is an important part our business. Our goal is to provide personal service and we are so lucky to have a lot of happy customers. Some of them share their experience in the following references.

,,I warmly recommend Alda as an executive coach. Through our discussions I was better able to clarify priorities and goals – and to reach the goals effectively. We quickly developed mutual trust and Alda provided insightful and practical tools that challenge you to go out of the comfort zone and see common issues in a new light.”
— Adalsteinn Leifsson, Director, European Free Trade Association
,,I first met Alda in the year 2011 and have worked with her regularly over the past few years and can highly recommend her as a leadership coach. She is professional, very good listener and has the ability to define and reflect every situation in critical but very constructive way. Every conversation brings broader vision and new tools to each task. Working with Alda has both strengthened me and developed me as a leader in a highly demanding environment.“
— Vilborg Sigurðardóttir, MD. Associate Professor, Department of Cardiology. University Hospital Bern. Switzerland. Until 2011 Chief at the Heart Transplant Centre, Sahlgrenska University Hospital in Gothenburg, Sweden.
,,I have had the pleasure of working with Alda, first at the Royal Institute of Stockholm and than again conducting visioning sessions for the conference ’Commoning the City, the Stockholm Conference’. Alda was not only extremely professional and responsible, but also enthusiastic and full of energy, making everybody excited about the common work. She has a great know how of managing workshops, both in practical terms, but also psychologically. I do recommend her warmly.”
— Henrietta Palmer, professor of Urban Design, Chalmers University of Technology, Deputy Scientific Director, Mistra Urban Futures.
“Executive coaching is like carrying a GPS device when you’re in uncharted territory. While the weather might be foggy, it is always good to know where you stand, where you’re going, and that your method is at least correct.“
— Former Client