Alda Sigurðardóttir

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Alda is the founder and owner of Vendum. Her passion is helping her clients get to where they want to be. For years she has helped her clients realize and exceed their professional and personal goals. How, you might ask? Through her own management experience, in-depth training, and years of experience as an executive and leadership coach.   

Alda has worked with CEO’s, C-suite executives, and professionals in industries across the board. Her clients come from large corporations, small businesses, non-for-profit organizations and government agencies. Her experience allows her to get to the root of the problem quickly.  She understands the nuances of stepping into leadership in various industries and how to get troubled teams back on track.  

Alda is known for her approachable personality.  At the same time, her coaching sessions are described as challenging, focused, and results-oriented. She is supportive and neutral. She loves helping people work through the obstacles that keep them stuck or from reaching their full potential. Her clients have invested a lot in their careers, and she helps them put all the pieces together. This allows clients to get in touch with what they really want to achieve for themselves, their teams, or their companies. 

Alda has served as the assistant to the rector of Reykjavik University, Dr. Svafa Gronfeldt and later Dr. Ari Kristinn Jónsson.  Previously she worked as the Communications Manager of Reykjavik Unviersity under the leadership of Dr. Guðfinna S. Bjarnadóttir.  She also has worked as the Business Relations Manager of SJÁ, the Superintendent of Education at VR (a major labor union in Iceland), and a lecturer at the University of Iceland and Reykjavik University.  

Alda holds a dual degree in Political Science and Industry Relations from the University of Iceland.  She earned her exectutive coaching certification from Reykjavik University and Corporate Coach U.  Alda holds Accredited Certified Coach certification from the International Coaching Federation, the largest international professional associations of executive coaches.   She is currently pursing an international Masters of Business Administration at Reyjkavik University, and will graduate in June of 2016.

You can reach Alda by e-mail: and telephone 662 0330.

Sóley Jónsdóttir

Sóley is a project manager at Vendum and is responsible for the web, marketing and takes part in developing the executive programs with Alda. Her previous experience within the field is her work for Reykjavik University where she worked for six years as a project manager and marketing specialist. Sóley was the program manager for the Executive Coaching program, Certification of Financial Advisors in co-operation with the three large Icelandic banks, as well as leading the PMD program at RU. In addition to that she was a marketing specialist, a member of advisory boards, and participated in developing many new projects at R. Sóley has also worked as a innovation consultant at Innovit (now Icelandic Startups), in advertisement at 365 media and more. Sóley holds a Master´s degree in international business and marketing and B.Sc degree in business from Reykjavik University. Sóley has also completed the Executive Coaching program in RU and Coach University.

You can reach Sóley by e-mail: and by telephone: 834 8228. 

advisory board

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Cheryl Smith, Master Certified Coach (MCC). Cheryl is one of the founders of Leadscape Learning, and has been an executive and leadership coach for over 30 years. She has been the main facilitator in the Executive Coaching Program in Reyjavik University since 2010. Cheryl has extensive experience, including a career in management at IBM and Coach U.

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Hilary Oliver, Professional Certified Coach (PCC). Hilary was named President of the International Coaching Fedaration in the U.K. in 2012 and Global Chair of the International Coach Federation (ICF) in 2017. She has extensive experience as an administrator, as a sales manager for IBM, managing director at SAFETYNET, and Director of Human Resources at 4Front Services. She has been a facilitator in the Executive Coaching Program in Reyjavik University since 2012.